Christian Caregiving

The mission of the Christian Caregiving ministry is to equip God's people for spiritual growth and Christ-centered, practical ministry in today's world.

Who Benefits from Christian Caregiving?

People Who Need Care . . .

• receive quality, Christ-centered, confidential care for their hurts and needs.

• find hope, healing, and a new sense of self-worth through the support of a Caregiver.

• know they are remembered and supported by their congregation in times of personal difficulty.

• receive ongoing care for continuing needs long after the onset of a crisis.

• grow in a deeper relationship with their Lord as they experience God's unconditional love for them.

Christian Caregivers . . .

• discover, cultivate, and use the spiritual gifts with which they have been blessed.

• see themselves as active partners in the mission and ministry of the church.

• find their lives enriched by the distinctively Christian caregiving skills they learn and practice.

• experience joy as they see God working through them to bring hope and healing to a hurting person.

• grow spiritually as they experience the Lord's loving presence in community with other Christian caregivers.

Our Congregation As A Whole . . .

• is responding to the call to become a Christian Caregiver or Leader.

• is becoming a more loving community that is more sensitive and responsive to people's needs.

• is able to provide more quality Christian care, so that fewer people slip through the cracks.

• is able to reach out to the unchurched who are hurting and introduce them to the healing love of Jesus Christ in their time of need.

• sees itself as not being served by our pastors, but as a caring priesthood of believers actively involved in serving one another in love.

For more information about becoming a Caregiver, contact Gene and Leah Goodwin (721-1239).