Fantastic Discipleship Books

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Men's Books

  • Kent Hughes (229 pgs) - Key disciplines for Godly men.

  • Steve Farrar This bestselling classic encourages and equips Christian men to lead their families successfully through hazards and ambushes like divorce, promiscuity, suicide, and drug addiction.

  • Voddie BauchamGod has mandated the transfer of his truth from one generation to the next. Because this transfer takes place primarily in the home, Voddie Baucham Jr. seeks to guide men in faithfully shepherding their families. 

Women's Books

  • Feminine Appeal

    Caroline Mahaney (192 pgs) - Great book on biblical femininity.

  • The Excellent Wife

    Caroline Mahaney (192 pgs) - Great book on biblical femininity.

  • Rebekah Merkle - Great book on biblical femininity.  Eve in Exile sets aside all stereotypes of mid-century housewives, of China-doll femininity, of Victorians fainting, of women not allowed to think for themselves or talk to the men about anything interesting or important.

  • Nancy WilsonThis book is part of the Canon Press series of books on the family, which has helped many people trying to deal with the on the ground messes that come with sinners trying to live under the same roof.