We are not satisfied with simply having a youth group. We pray and labor and serve so that the youth of our church are an active part of ministry life. Our Youth ministry serves to strengthen the connection of students to their parents, and to be a help to parents who have the primary responsibility of discipling their children with whom they have been entrusted by the Lord.

Midweek: Midweek is our Wednesday night programing for both Jr. High & High school (7th-12th) that meets from 6:00-8:00 p.m. It is a time and place for students to connect and build community while they are growing in their knowledge of the Truth and their love for Jesus Christ. At this weekly event we have food, fellowship, media, prayer, preaching and worship. It is a mixture of discipleship and evangelism which encourages the students to experience God's truth and connect in genuine relationships. This is an entry level event and students are encouraged to bring their friends so that they may know eternal life in Jesus Christ.

Sunday Bible Study: Sunday Bible Study, or SBS, is a gathering on the first three Sundays of the month that meets from 9:30 - 10:45. It is designed to help students develop their belief system, see how Scripture relates to their lives and internalize the truth of God’s Word. Currently we utilize the Live curriculum by Simply Youth Ministry that takes students on a journey through God’s word in six years. This study gives them a foundation for their beliefs as they grasp the big picture of God’s work in the world and His call for them to live out the Christian life day-to-day.

Special Events: There are times during the year that we will go to concerts, plan camping trips and attend conferences to strengthen our fellowship and promote Christ-centered unity within the youth ministry.