College Student Ministry

The College Student Ministry (CSM) of SSBC exists to Love Jesus, Know Truth, Reach People, and Serve Others through:

  • intentional discipleship
  • expositional teaching  
  • becoming a family
  • serving others 

Weekly Schedule

College Home Groups - Midweek

We have various College Home Groups that gather near or on campus throughout the week. This is a time to build authentic community. Contact Cody at cody@ssbaptist.org for more information.

College Bible Studies - Sunday, 9:30am

A time for college students to learn and discuss what the Bible says about current issues today.

Sing two songs.

20 minute teaching.

Small Group discussion.

Apply it through living.

Other Things We Do...

    • Community Service - We are involved in House of Faith's after school program where college students can play with and teach Bible lessons to local children in underprivileged neighborhoods.
    •  Events - Retreats, Super Bowl Party, leading DNOW weekends, Movie Nights, Game Nights, etc.
    • Missions- Each year we plan at least one Mission Trip with our college students as well as encouraging students to consider a church wide trip.
    • Adopt a College Student (ACS) - Interested students will be "adopted" by members of SSBC and be able to have a home away from home. This can be an opportunity where they can be intentionally discipled and have a place to do laundry, have regular dinners, wise council etc.