College Student Ministry

The College Student Ministry (CSM) of SSBC exists to Love Jesus, Know Truth, Reach People, and Serve Others through:

  • intentional discipleship
  • expositional teaching  
  • becoming a family
  • serving others 

We make disciples.

We teach scripture.

We become family.

We serve.

Weekly Schedule

Late Night - Thursdays, 9:00pm

Prayer, Worship, and Preaching for college students.

Worship at 9:00pm (come early to pray)

Preaching to follow.

Come as you are.

D-Groups - Sunday, 9:30am

A time for college students to be discipled by members of SSBC.

Sing 2 songs.

Read a text in a D-Group.

Interpret through discussion.

Apply it through living.

Other Things We Do...

    • Community Service - We are involved in House of Faith's after school program where college students can play with and teach Bible lessons to local children in underprivileged neighborhoods.
    •  Events - Retreats, Super Bowl Party, DNOW weekends, Movie Nights, Game Nights, etc.
    • Missions- Each year we plan at least one Mission Trip with our college students as well as encouraging students to consider a church wide trip.
    • Adopt a College Student (ACS) - Interested students will be "adopted" by members of SSBC and be able to have a home away from home. This can be an opportunity where they can be intentionally discipled and have a place to do laundry, have regular dinners, wise council etc.